The Frankfurt area is famous for its Apfelwein (Cider) – also known as Ebbelwoi, Äppler or Stöffsche. There are many ways to drink Apfelwein and they all served as inspiration for our level descriptions:


„Tiefgespritzt“ (Apfelwein mixed with a lot of soda) - BeginnerPlus

You’ve had a few Balboa lessons and learnt the Uphold and Downhold basics. You also might know the Come around and the basic Toss-Out. You want to strengthen your basics and learn new moves to get ready to hit the dance floor on Saturday.


“Sauergespritzt” (Apfelwein mixed with some soda) - Intermediate

You know your basics. Toss-out, Lollies and Out-and-Ins are no problem as long as the music isn’t getting too fast. You enjoy learning new moves and can always rely on your solid basics.


“Pur” (This is quite self-explanatory. Apfelwein without any soda) - Advanced

You meet the requirements for “sauergespritzt” and love to dance to fast tempos. Rhythm changes are not a challenge for you and you enjoy playing with them in your social dance.


Workshop "Tiefgespritz"

Tanzschule Carsten Weber
(Bolongarostr.113, 65929 Frankfurt-Höchst)

Workshop "Sauergespritzt" and "Pur"

Tanzschule Monika Bauer
(Kaiserstraße 42, 60329 Frankfurt)



Don´t worry – there are more culinary delights in Frankfurt than Apfelwein!

For only 15 € we will prepare a delicious homemade lunch for you on both days.

You will be able to choose between a vegan or non-vegan option.

Just let us know during the registration process!