Nejc Zupan (SLO) & Fancy Dougherty (USA)

Nejc is one of the founders of the new swing age era in Slovenia and started swing dancing back in 2004. He is one of the main culprits in popularizing Lindy Hop in Slovenia in the early 2000s. His swing dance experience is a collection of many international workshops. He uses experience from modern movement theatre music and classical theatre to bring a fresh and fun approach to teaching and developing swing dance. He pays special attention to jazz moves and musicality, both essential to swing dancing. Since 2008, he has been teaching Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston and Blues on international circuit.


Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Fancy fell in love with Jazz, Lindy, Shag and Balboa in 2008. She’s been hooked ever since, devoting herself to the technical mastery of historical dances and her own unique style. She has appeared in music videos and television shows in the US, Mexico and France, but is currently based in Barcelona, where she shares her passion in the local scene. Fancy was nominated for the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame in 2014 and is a five-time winner of the National Jitterbug Championships’ Shag division. Be sure to ask her to dance!

Eran Tobi (DE) & Isabelle Jaschke (DE)

After founding his love for swing in 2007, Eran spend most of his time traveling, dancing and spreading the spirit of Lindy Hop, Balboa and other swing dances in Israel. He is co-founder of Holy Lindy Land, one of the most successful swing dance schools of our time. His passion for dancing and teaching took him to Berlin in 2013, from where he sent his love for swing dance around the globe. Eran won several international Lindy Hop, Balboa and Blues competitions and participated in events such as the ILHC, Lindy on the Rocks, Berlin Blues Explosion, Camp Hollywood and the European Swing Dance Championships.


Isabelle has been hooked on swing dancing since the first time she saw it. She even picked her new residence based on the local dance scene. So she hit Freiburg’s dancefloors and took every opportunity to dance and learn – locally and internationally. Soon the dance school became her second home and Isabelle could be found on the Lindy Hop, Balboa and Blues dancefloor alike.


Since 2017, Eran and Isabelle teach together at their new homebase, the Ruhr area, where they’re working on establishing a growing Balboa Community.

Verena Jäger (DE) & Inga Kramer (DE)

Inga and Verena are part of Balboa Heiner. They teach Balboa and Lindy Hop in Darmstadt since 2013. Their main goal is to make everyone “shuffle” and “pulse” and increase the popularity of Balboa in the Rhein-Main area.